Responsible tourism

The Westmorland Hotel is very proud of its local links and strong agricultural roots. We are keen to support and promote the local community, encourage visitors to stay in the area, but most importantly to us, protect the area.

We have been recycling and reducing waste for some time now, but it is just recently that we have made guests aware of the Nurture Lakeland Scheme we are actively involved with. This scheme recognises that the hotel has taken significant steps to reduce the operational impact on the environment and local community, which includes; energy and water conservation, encouraging the use of public transport and reduction in waste generation by recycling and reusing.

Funding conservation through tourism

The hotel is also involved with The Tourism & Conservation Partnership.

All our hotel bedrooms have a letter inviting their guests to contribute any small change which will go towards the partnership for projects in Cumbria such as rebuilding footpaths, repairing fences, and providing safe havens for animals. Already £1,400 has been raised for the access enhancement work at Waitby Greenriggs Nature Reserve.

Guest donations will help to enhance public access by installing two flights of steps on steep slopes so providing a circular route on the second part of the reserve.

We are also working on another project with the Tourism and Conservation Partnership to teach children about the importance of our rivers. The 'Experience the River' project aims to educate children about the importance of water to South Cumbria's biodiversity, landscape, history and society.

Children from local schools get the opportunity to visit their local rivers and study and draw the river life that they find there. They take part in river dipping, investigate the riverbank habitat, make rubbings of tree bark and record any insect life found. They draw cross sections of the river and create a painting based on different levels of the river from its bed to its bank to the air above, inspired by their river visit.

The project hopes to nurture an interest in and understanding of our rivers and lakes for generations to come.


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