About us

The story of Westmorland Limited began over 30 years ago. Back in the late 1960's, the developers of the M6 motorway approached John and Barbara Dunning, who farm at High Chapel Farm at Tebay, near the summit of Shap, with a view to building the M6 through their land. The Dunning's, instead of opposing the development, worked with the developers to minimise the impact of the M6 motorway through their land at the Lune Gorge. They also kept some of the land on either side of the Motorway and following a successful bid opened a small service area and hence in 1972, Westmorland Limited was formed when two local Cumbrian families, the Dunnings and the Birketts who were Bakers at Penrith came together. Tebay Services is still Britain's only locally owned and run Motorway Services

The company is now owned and run by the second generation of Dunnings and has become a multi - sited operation employing over 1000 people across Cumbria, Gloucestershire and Scotland:

  • Tebay services Farmshop and Kitchen (north and southbound)
  • Rheged centre, 20 minutes north at Penrith
  • J38 Truckstop
  • Tebay Services Hotel
  • Gloucester Services Farmshop and Kitchen (north and southbound)
  • Cairn Lodge Services


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